BONGIORNO_vito_webBorn in Palermo (27.01.1977), Italy, where he spent part of his basic education and obtained his medical degree.
During his residency in Palermo he spent a couple of years in Paris (2005-2006) where he decided, after obtaining his Specialist Training Orthopedic Surgery degree, to spend two more years in France as an Assistant Surgeon at the University Hospital of Grenoble. During this time he had to deal with heavy traumatology, including spine and pelvis surgery.
He could also start practicing hip and knee arthroscopy in one of the oldest orthopedics surgery school in France.
Finally, at the beginning of 2010 he met Dr. Laurent Lafosse during a training at the Alps Surgery Institute in Annecy and then a passion for Shoulder Surgery, research and constant improvement driven at ASI, arose suddenly.
He started so cooperating with the Alps Surgery Institute Team and working at the same time in his own practice in a little private hospital in the the French Alps, near Annecy